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Speedy Grill System is a trainer of charcoal to use directly as a barbecue, complete with grill. You can use it at home or take it with you to the mountains, camping, boat camper in the sea. It equipped with inverter to use it through the cigarette lighter of your car.


- Dimensions: H53 x L34 cm

- Completely polished stainless steel

- Regolazzione air.

- Folding Handles

- Consumption: 85 Watts

- Grid steel cooking.

- Handcrafted product.

The advantages:

1. In 6-8 minutes. It lights up to 8 kg of red-hot coal.

2. It's all alone with minimal effort.

3. Turn on the charcoal evenly

down to its core with increased durability.

4. Reliable, fast, secure and foolproof.

5. You can also turn on if the wind blows.

6. You can use chiuque without experience.

7. An accessory to decorate your garden all in steel.

8. Can be used in any outdoor location.

9. Consumption only a piece of a firelighter or other eco-friendly material also

to turn 8 kg of Charcoal.

10. Do you get dirty because it does it all.

11. It consumes as much as a light bulb for a few minutes.

12. Turns coal and briquettes.

13. You can also use an 'inverter

which transforms the current of 12 to 220 volts.

14. Minimum size.

15. Air Operations.

16. Also Turn one kg of briquettes.







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